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As a result of our tremendous success tutoring students all over Southern California, numerous parents have volunteered to be references for our company. If you are interested in speaking to one of our reference families, please give us a call at 800-998-4371.


The free trial hour was such a great resource. Without it, I never would have known how to choose between the different tutoring companies. After working with my tutor for free, I knew this was the right move. I love Tier One because they are quick to please and truly caring.
Janice L, Mother of three
I improved 2 full grades in just 4 months with help from my Tier One tutor!
Alissa Stevens, 12th grade Calculus student
I got a call from one of my friends who had her 8th grader tutored for a number of subjects with Tier One. She said the tutors she received were simply fantastic. I figured if my friend thought so highly then I might as well give it a shot. Here I am three years later and I’m still raving about them!
Dave Rizen, Laguna Beach
It was getting too time consuming for me to post ads online or at local colleges in order to find a tutor for my son. What I really needed was one place where I could go to find a tutor for all the different subjects my son may need help with. I went online and did some research and found Tier One. Not only have they been helpful and thoughtful, but the tutoring has been great!
Susan P., Valencia
My Tier One tutor helped me raise my Spanish grade from a B- to an A- in only 6 weeks!
Beth Garfield, Beverly Hills
After getting my oldest daughter SAT tutoring from Tier One I was pleased to find out that they also worked with younger kids in academic subjects. I had them help my 5th grader. Thanks for everything!
Rebecca Zysklat, Encino