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Are you looking for Math Tutoring in Los Angeles or Math Tutoring in Yorba Linda? If so, you've come to the right place. Tier One Tutors is a Yorba Linda math tutoring company specializing in all subjects, K-12, as well as AP and SAT Prep.

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Yorba Linda


Yorba Linda is one of those affluent cities in California where it has been long considered as a very good place to live. The houses and homes are of great opulence and it even claims to have once been the home town of President Richard Nixon. A library and museum exists here today showcasing his years of presidency in the US.


Yorba Linda is located in the world famous Orange County region of California about 40 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles. It was once the home of three Indian settlements and much of the area was retained by California following the Mexican America War in the mid 19th century. 


However, this city is relatively very new as a settlement with just over 1,000 people living here in 1960, its population to more than 30,000 just 20 years later. Then 10 years later in 1990 the size of the city's populace had grown to more than 50,000; and today there are almost 65,000 people living here. 


Yorba Linda is certainly one of the most affluent cities in California with average annual incomes well into six figures, and most earning in excess of $125,000 a year. It hardly ever rains in this part of California during the summer but there is about 14 or 15 days on average during the winter when rain does fall here. Summer time highs usually get up to the high 80s by day and the mild winters still see warm temperatures of around 70F, making the climate here very pleasant and warm all year round. 


There is a commercial estate in Yorba Linda known as Savi Ranch with more than 1,000 businesses thriving. There are also a number of shopping plazas located at the Packing House Square, Mercado del Rio, Yorba Linda Station Plaza and the Eastlake Village Shopping Mall. The Country Club Village also has a number of small to mid range outlets and various businesses.


Savi Ranch is the place where most of the hotels, restaurants, garages, offices and commercial premises seem to be located and most employment takes place in this region of the city. 


The city's people tend to be mainly made up of white Americans with more than three-quarters of the racial makeup being of this demographic. There are more than 10,000 inhabitants of Asian descent in the city too. 


The politics of the city seem to regularly vote Republican with almost 60 per cent voting in this way. The Democrat vote is usually around 20 per cent of the voting electorate. 

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