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Our SAT Tutoring program in Tustin is hands down the most unique, comprehensive and personalized in Southern California and possibly in the country. One of the biggest reasons why our program is so different has to do with how and why the SAT Tutoring Program was written in the first place. What most parents don’t realize is that every large SAT Tutoring company hires writers to put their programs together. Are these writers even tutors? Are they qualified? Are they in touch with the students' needs? Not necessarily! Believe it or not, many SAT Tutors in Tustin use courses that are put together by the larger companies and are not written from the perspective of an average student. They are just made to look attractive and cover details in the SAT test. Unfortunately that will not get the job done.

This is why Tier One Tutors was created, and is also why we've been so successful thus far. The SAT Tutoring program was put together over the period of a full year AFTER official practice tests for the new SAT were disseminated to the public. Unlike every other SAT Tutor in Tustin who wrote programs before they even knew what exactly was going to be on the new test, we pushed the money aside and took the path of idealism.  This has finally paid off in our unbelievable and unique approach to the SAT!

The writers of our SAT Tutoring program are the two young, ambitious and dynamic owners of Tier One Tutors, Brian Mupo and Steven Dorfman. The two of them spent countless hours over the course of a full year writing and developing their new program. The reason they felt so confident that they could create something unique and different is because they went through the struggle on the SAT themselves before they mastered it. Both went through SAT Tutoring courses and spent a myriad of hours preparing on their own while in high school. After a long hard struggle both achieved their ideal scores. Upon entering college, they independently recognized that helping others to accomplish what they did was of the utmost importance.  Hence, Tier One Tutors was born serving all of Southern California, including Tustin.

So, if you're looking for an SAT tutor in Tustin, call Tier One Tutors today!

Tustin, California

There are many places across the country that claim to be the best place to live, but the city of Tustin, California is one that can actually back up that claim. Back in 2009, Forbes magazine named the city as one of the 25 best to live in the United States, thanks in large part to it having one of the shortest commutes in Southern California. It really is hard to believe that you are still in the Los Angeles metropolitan area when you visit Tustin, such is the beauty of the place and the Mediterranean climate that the residents enjoy there.

The history of the city stretches back to the late 1700’s when Spanish settlers arrived in the area, but it wasn’t until 1870 that it was granted its current name after the city was founded by a carriage maker from Northern California named Columbus Tustin. The founder of the city passed away in 1877, but the groundwork for a thriving city had already been laid by that point. In 1927 it was decided that the city should incorporate, which was a decision that literally put it on the map. At that time there were only 900 residents making home in the “City of the Trees,” a far cry from the more than 75,000 residents that now call Tustin home.

The city became known as a leader in education for the area, ensuring that it continued to thrive in the years that followed incorporation. The importance of the geographical location of Tustin was brought to light during World War II, as no less than three different military bases were established in and around the city. It was when the war finally ended, though, that the city began to experience an incredible amount of growth.

Many major industries came to the area, resulting in freeways leading in that brought with it a whole slew of new modern day settlers looking to make their home in this little slice of Orange County. The orchards that the area had become known for slowly started to disappear during this period of growth, to the point where very few of them are still around today. That doesn’t mean that the history of Tustin died as new developments sprung up and annexation took place. There are still plenty of signs of the old city, including buildings that date back to the very earliest days of settlement in the area.

Tustin is one of the few places where the old and the new seem to live in perfect harmony. The Historic Old Town does not look out of place among the newer parks and shopping areas. The populace is a young one, though, with more than 80% of the population under the age of 54. Despite the young average age of the residents, they are still aware and very proud of the history of the city that they call home.


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