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Santa Monica: A Famous and Great Little Town

Santa Monica, California lies right on the beachfront of the Pacific Ocean. Once known as a great resort town, its favorable climate is now home to a wide variety of people. Santa Monica is renowned for not only the many famous citizens who call it home (or who have) but also for the many other cultural connections it has had with the entertainment industry, from movies to music. Here, we will explore the climate, current population, and the cultural connections of this great town right on the beach.

Great Climate

Just like other cities in the area, Santa Monica has a climate that is very similar to the Mediterranean. Mostly, the weather is sunny with not a whole lot of rainfall. October to around the end of March is the time when you can expect the most rainfall in the areas, which is not much at all, despite being the rain season. You can expect, as well, to experience the early morning California fog in this town that other nearby areas experience from May to July. Smog is not much of a problem in the city because of winds from the ocean. 


89,736 people call Santa Monica home, according to the latest available census data from 2010. Around 70% of the total population are non-Latino Whites. Most of these live in households, and of these households, most are opposite-sex married couples living together. Households and families are both very small in this neighborhood, being around 1.87 and 2.79 residents each, respectively. The median age is around 40 or so, despite that fact that most of the population is aged 18 to 24 years. Again, there are more females in this area than there are males, by around 10%. 

Cultural Connections

Santa Monica has deep cultural connections. Many films have been filmed in the area, such as Heathers, Lords of Dogtown, Ocean’s Eleven, Forest Gump, Iron Man, The Sting, and more. It has also been referenced in many works of American literature, and was once home to Tennessee Williams for a while. Many musicians have called Santa Monica home, or have referenced the city in some of their hit songs. This included Everclear, Savage Garden, John Mayer, and System of a Down. Universal Music Group is headquartered in the city. Santa Monica also has been the “set,” of many different video games in more recent years. 

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