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Our ACT Tutoring program in Santa Clarita is by far the most specialized in Southern California and possibly even in the country. Our program is so different because of how and why the ACT Tutoring Program was written to begin with. What many people don’t realize is that every large ACT Tutoring company hires writers to put their large programs together. But are these writers in touch with the students' needs by working as ACT tutors in the past? Often times not! Believe it or not, many ACT Tutors in Santa Clarita use courses that are put together by the larger companies and are not written with the typical student in mind. These companies invest heavily in the look and feel of their course, while often times neglect investing critical attention to the minute, individualized details which our company focuses on. Unfortunately, more often than not, a student needs exactly that.

That is why Tier One Tutors was created, and is also why we've been so successful the last few years. The ACT Tutoring program was put together over a long period of time, and is based in part on actual ACT questions. Unlike every other ACT Tutor in Santa Clarita who wrote programs before they even knew what exactly was going to be on the new test, we pushed the money aside and strove for perfection.  The fruit of our labor has finally shown through in our specialized and unique approach to the ACT!

The writers of our ACT Tutoring program are the two young, dynamic, and ambitious owners of Tier One Tutors, Steve Dorfman and Brian Mupo. Both of them have spent untold amounts of hours writing and developing this system.  Their unique SAT and ACT programs are the backbone of Tier One Tutors which serves all of Southern California, including Santa Clarita.

So, if you're looking for an ACT tutor in Santa Clarita, call us at Tier One Tutors today!

For more information on our ACT Tutoring Method and Packages, and for some useful ACT related links, please contact us through our contact us page, or give us a call.

The City of Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita was first established in 1987 and combined many communities including Valencia and Saugus. While the city is inhabited by over 200,000 people, it is still ranked as one of the top places in the country to live. This is attributed to the great economy and the ease of travel thanks to both Golden State Freeway and Antelope freeway being on the town’s borders. While the town was incorporated in 1987, the area is rich with history and had Native American inhabitants dating back to 450 AD. 


Santa Clarita spans 47.8 square miles and is situated in the southwest region of California just north of San Diego. City inhabitants enjoy mild temperatures ranging from 36 – 65 degrees in the month of December and temperatures ranging from 54 – 96 degrees in the summer. Residents also enjoy surrounding views of the mountains. Winters are generally mild with freezing temperatures being sparse throughout the season. 


A bustling economy is the epicenter of the city and over 6,000 businesses call the city home. A variety of job opportunities are available ranging from entertainment to aerospace. This allows residents to enjoy a higher employment rate and has attributed to a higher quality of life. Businesses that incorporate in the city enjoy a plethora of business programs that allow them to be successful. These programs are attributed to the city’s Economic Development Division.

Higher Education

Two notable colleges are located in the city: 

College of the Canyons: A two-year public community college that allows students to earn an Associate’s degree.

The Master’s College: A four-year private college that has average enrollment rates of under 1,000 students and offers Bachelor’s degrees. This school is ranked as the 2nd best college in West.

Main Attractions

Residents enjoy a plethora of main attractions that they can go to and unwind. These attractions include:

Vasques Rocks: A beautiful rock formation that is surrounded by hiking trails and has a deep history dating back to 450 AD.

Gibbon Conservation Center: A conservation center that houses over 40 gibbons. Watch these primates swing, screech and behave as they would in the wild.

Six Flags Magic Mountain: While not in the city itself, right outside the city in Valencia is Six Flags Magic Mountain. As the city’s largest employer, Six Flags provides rides and fun, and ranks at number 19 for highest amusement park attendance in the world.

The City of Santa Clarita boasts warm weather, scenic views and unemployment rates of 6.3 percent. The city is adequately situated near major highways to make commuting a breeze. With two colleges in the city and one right outside, youths are able to seek higher education without venturing far from home.

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