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Our SAT Tutoring program in Palos Verdes Estates is hands down the most unique, comprehensive and personalized in Southern California and possibly in the country. One of the biggest reasons why our program is so different has to do with how and why the SAT Tutoring Program was written in the first place. What most parents don’t realize is that every large SAT Tutoring company hires writers to put their programs together. Are these writers even tutors? Are they qualified? Are they in touch with the students' needs? Not necessarily! Believe it or not, many SAT Tutors in Palos Verdes Estates use courses that are put together by the larger companies and are not written from the perspective of an average student. They are just made to look attractive and cover details in the SAT test. Unfortunately that will not get the job done.

This is why Tier One Tutors was created, and is also why we've been so successful thus far. The SAT Tutoring program was put together over the period of a full year AFTER official practice tests for the new SAT were disseminated to the public. Unlike every other SAT Tutor in Palos Verdes Estates who wrote programs before they even knew what exactly was going to be on the new test, we pushed the money aside and took the path of idealism.  This has finally paid off in our unbelievable and unique approach to the SAT!

The writers of our SAT Tutoring program are the two young, ambitious and dynamic owners of Tier One Tutors, Brian Mupo and Steven Dorfman. The two of them spent countless hours over the course of a full year writing and developing their new program. The reason they felt so confident that they could create something unique and different is because they went through the struggle on the SAT themselves before they mastered it. Both went through SAT Tutoring courses and spent a myriad of hours preparing on their own while in high school. After a long hard struggle both achieved their ideal scores. Upon entering college, they independently recognized that helping others to accomplish what they did was of the utmost importance.  Hence, Tier One Tutors was born serving all of Southern California, including Palos Verdes Estates.

So, if you're looking for an SAT tutor in Palos Verdes Estates, call Tier One Tutors today!

Palos Verdes Peninsula


“Palos Verdes” is a Spanish term that means “green wood” or “green stalks”. Centered around the Palos Verdes Peninsula, this is an affluent residential region in Southeast Los Angeles Country.  It is part of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area. It is known for its a ocean cliff-side views, lighthouse, Eucalyptus trees, parks and wild peacocks. 


The Palos Verdes Peninsula lies 23 miles south of Los Angeles proper. This peninsula comprises of four cities namely Rolling Hills, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates and Palos Verde Estates. Two unincorporated areas, Academy Hill and Westfield, are also counted within the Peninsula's boundaries.


Palos Verdes was initially a portion of the huge ranchos owned by Sepulveda and Dominguez. It was sold to Jotham Bixby in 1882, then  was sold in 1922 for $1.5 to $2 million by Frank Vanderlip and his New York investment syndicate. They renamed the property as the Palos Verdes project, and improvements began in Malaga Cove area when Vanderlip sought help from popular landscape architects – Olmsted Brothers. This started the uprising of Palos Verdes to a community of its own. 


According to the 2010 census, its population is at around 13,438. Palos Verdes is also lauded as the 81st richest place in the country with an estimate of around 1,000 households. Its population density is 2,814.8 people per square mile.


Ranked as the 47th most expensive real estate region in the US, it is primarily composed of Caucasians (at around 75%), Native Americans (17.3%) and Hispanics (4.7%).


Around one-third of the entire population is a family living with a child under the age of 18. When it comes to age demographics, Palos Verdes is home to a wide spread of people with around 27% under 25, 48% at the middle age and around 24% of the population is 65 years and older.


Facts and Attractions

Palos Verdes is known for its high-value residential properties, commercial areas, and historic architecture. They popularized strong development committee regulations as part of a collective effort to preserve the entire space and prevent over development. 

It is also known as "The Hill" to residents, due to the Palos Verde Hills being its dominant geographical feature.

Apart from its cliff-side mansions, Palos Verdes is known for its beaches, surf spots, leisure areas and select schools.  

It has many protected parks and nature walks. Point Fermin Park is the southernmost point in Los Angeles, and above it lies Fort MacArthur. The fort contains not just museums and art galleries, but also the Marine Mammal Care Center.

Malaga Cove in Rolling Hills Estate was designed as the centerpiece of the original master plan for Palos Verdes. Its shops and architecture display the eclectic 1920s architecture. The Promenade in the Rolling Hills estate is a more modern shopping area featuring a multiplex and an ice skating rink. 

Palos Verdes has many golf courses and country clubs, with the most notable being the Trump National Golf Club,a 300-acre 18-hole luxury golf course. 

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