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Our ACT Tutoring program in Norwalk is by far the most specialized in Southern California and possibly even in the country. Our program is so different because of how and why the ACT Tutoring Program was written to begin with. What many people don’t realize is that every large ACT Tutoring company hires writers to put their large programs together. But are these writers in touch with the students' needs by working as ACT tutors in the past? Often times not! Believe it or not, many ACT Tutors in Norwalk use courses that are put together by the larger companies and are not written with the typical student in mind. These companies invest heavily in the look and feel of their course, while often times neglect investing critical attention to the minute, individualized details which our company focuses on. Unfortunately, more often than not, a student needs exactly that.

That is why Tier One Tutors was created, and is also why we've been so successful the last few years. The ACT Tutoring program was put together over a long period of time, and is based in part on actual ACT questions. Unlike every other ACT Tutor in Norwalk who wrote programs before they even knew what exactly was going to be on the new test, we pushed the money aside and strove for perfection.  The fruit of our labor has finally shown through in our specialized and unique approach to the ACT!

The writers of our ACT Tutoring program are the two young, dynamic, and ambitious owners of Tier One Tutors, Steve Dorfman and Brian Mupo. Both of them have spent untold amounts of hours writing and developing this system.  Their unique SAT and ACT programs are the backbone of Tier One Tutors which serves all of Southern California, including Norwalk.

So, if you're looking for an ACT tutor in Norwalk, call us at Tier One Tutors today!

For more information on our ACT Tutoring Method and Packages, and for some useful ACT related links, please contact us through our contact us page, or give us a call.

Norwalk: LA’s Friendly Neighbor

Norwalk is a great bedroom community of Los Angeles, California. Once a sleepy farming community, Norwalk has now become one of the most populous cities in the entire state. Only 17 short miles Southeast of all the action of bustling Downtown LA, the area boasts a long history, as well as plenty to do and see. Public transit in the area is also readily available to all, and the area’s residence are very diverse in race. Here, we will take a quick look at the history, modern growth of, and current population of the Norwalk area. 


Norwalk was founded on land purchased by two brothers from Oregon with the last name of Sproul. Gilbert Sproul, one of the brothers, had a railroad and passenger stop built in the town. The city was founded under its official name in the late 1800s. By the 1880s, the town boasted its first school. A cheese factory was one of the very first businesses in the town itself, established by the same family who help to found the school. For many years it thrived as both a railroad town, as well as an area of dairy and beet farms. Many who settled the area were Dutch. 

Post WWII Growth

After WWII, particularly in the 1950s, Norwalk saw a huge population boom, and became a suburban community of LA. As part of this population boom, many Latino and Latino families moved to the area. Since then, the population has grown steady, with the exception of a nearly 6% decline in population in the 1970s, reflected in data from the 1980 census. Since then, the population has grown by around 22.2%, total from 84,901 to 105,549. The growth in Latino population is still seen in census data in the area to this very day. 


Today, most of the Norwalk population is Latino, with Whites, Asians, African Americans, and other racial groups, as well. Most of the Latino population is Mexican. Most live as households with children under the age of 18 in their homes, and most of the households own their own dwellings. The majority of households have around 4 people or so living in them. The average age of citizens of Norwalk is around 32.5, a whole six-months younger than the national average age of 33. There are more females than males in the city. 

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