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Are you looking for Math Tutoring in Los Angeles or Math Tutoring in La Canada-Flintridge? If so, you've come to the right place. Tier One Tutors is a La Canada-Flintridge math tutoring company specializing in all subjects, K-12, as well as AP and SAT Prep.

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A Budding Town for the Affluent: La Canada Flintridge

Are you looking for a fabulous Californian neighborhood to call your new home, or visit for while? If so, you may want to check out what the town of La Canada Flintridge has to offer you. Here, we will take a look at how this town came into being, what the area looks like today, as well as things of interests around the town that might attract those who are thinking about living there, as well as visitors who just want to stay a few days. 

A Town Divided

La Canada Flintridge was actually once two completely separate communities! Both La Canada and Flintridge were suburban areas that lay near the town of Los Angeles. You can still see this in the names of some areas, streets, and even local clubs, etc. that lay within the town. It was not until the mid-1970s and incorporation of the community that these two towns joined together to form one community. These two towns are considered to be just one place, now. Some people may sometimes call the area just La Canada instead of using the entire name. 

The Modern Town of La Canada Flintridge

La Canada Flintridge is today an area where many affluent citizens live. These people may work in Los Angeles, or other nearby communities. Well over half of them have college degrees, and the population is mostly composed of white Non-Hispanic residents, as well as a large Asian contingent of the population. By far, La Canada Flintridge is much more affluent than any other surrounding bedroom community of Los Angeles. This is reflected in the fact that 9 of 10 residents in the area own their own homes and do not rent. The average household income in this area is around $150,000, much higher than the national average. 

Things to See and Do

While in the area, you will find there are a lot of things to do. This includes visiting the historical Lanterman House, or even playing a quick game of disc golf at the very course to do so in the US. Feel free to shop in the Town Center. Or, you may want to cruise by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA. For residents, another very cool place to check out is the Community Center in town, or even visits the La Canada Flintridge webpage to learn about upcoming local events. 

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