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 Downey: An All-American Town

Downey, California is a sunny spot just around 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Founded in 1873, this town has seen a lot of history over its past few years. Here, we will talk about the various historical events that you may know from Downey, as well as famous people who have called the area home. We will also give you some insight as to how the current population of around 111,772 people break-down into different demographics. 

Great Things Have Happened Here

After WWII, the farming and industrial community known as Downey changed forever. The town became a largely suburban area, but was poised to help birth some of the most recognizable cooperation’s in America today. Among them were two fast food giants: McDonalds and Taco Bell. McDonald’s opened its third store in Downey around 1953. The building is still operating as a McDonald’s restaurant, and can be visited at 10207 Lakewood Boulevard. Taco Bell also opened its first ever restaurant in the community in the early 1960s. The building where this restaurant was housed is still in Downey, although it is no longer a Taco Bell restaurant. 

Downey Residents You May Know

There are lots of Downey residents you may have heard of before. Among these ranks are the singing family, The Carpenters, who still own some property in the area. James Hetfield and Ron McGovney, both of Metallica fame, are also from Downey. Miranda Cosgrove, the Disney performer, is also from the area. Plenty of athletes have called Downey their home, including Dennis Sproul, Evan Longoria, Kevin Gross, Walt Faulkner, Kenneth Shelley, and Dan Henderson. Well-known actors, actresses, civil leaders, writers and producers, musicians, and surfers have also lived in this area. One of the weirdest residents to have ever called Downey home was most likely Weird Al Yankovic. 


As mentioned above, the city of Downey is home to around 111,772 residents, according to the most recent census figures. The majority of the population was of Hispanic or Latino races. There are more women in Downey than there are men. The majority of the population is aged from 18 to 24 years old. Most households are around 4 people large, and most belong to homes where they are opposite-sex married couples living without children, though around half of the households had children under the age of legal adulthood. More people in the area are homeowners. 


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