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A Great Little Planned Community: Coto de Caza

Coto de Caza, California is a great little suburb that is located in Orange County. About 15,000 people currently call it home, and more are doing so every year. In this article, we will take a look at how this community started. We will then look at what it has become recently, as well as some things that make this town truly unique and desirable. Whether you are looking to purchase property in sunny California Coto de Caza welcomes you!

Newly Completed

Although Coto de Caza was first under construction in the late 1960s, it was not actually fully considered complete until around 11 years ago. There are still properties for sale in the town, as well. The main draw of this planned and gated community is that is it relatively safe, affluent, and home to many great things that really attract residents, as well as potential home owners. Of all the planned communities in the area dating back from this time period, Coto de Caza is the most expensive, and the result is a luxurious residential area that caters to nearly the every whim of residents. 

Coto de Caza Demographics

Coto de Caza is a fantastic place to call home. Any one will feel at home, here. No one in this area is institutionalized, nor is anyone in a group home of any kind. The majority of people calling this town home were non-Hispanic white citizens by a large majority. The next two largest population groups were Hispanic and Native American. Most of the residents in this area are between the ages of 25 and 44 years old. An overwhelming majority of people in this town also own their own homes, as opposed to renting. 3.35 people were the average family size in the area.

Things to Do

There are lots of things to do in Coto de Caza. Golfing is huge, as there are two 18-hole courses in the inside of the gated community itself. There are also tennis courts and pools at the two different clubs in the area. You can also find a gym and a spa in the community, as well. For those feeling a bit more adventurous and wanting to spend a bit of time outside their community, the Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park area surrounds the community on three sides. There are many trails here, as well as an educational center. 

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