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The City of Cerritos

Cerritos was incorporated on April 24, 1956. The city lies within Los Angeles Country and the 2010 census shows that over 49,000 residents live within the city’s borders. Over 50 percent of residents are of Asian descent. Originally an area riddled with dairy farms, the area has since been changed to its current name and dubbed an affluent city. 

Geography and Climate

The city encompasses 8.9 square miles and is bordered by other well-known cities, such as Long Beach and Norwalk. Being in Southern California, the city is home to a very temperate climate with the climate mirroring that of a Mediterranean climate. Summers are seasonally warm to hot and winters are cold, but do not see much snow or late night freezing. Rain is mostly seen during winter months, which allows for clear skies during the spring and summer.


Families with children under the age of 18 are estimated to make up 36 percent of the city’s population. Household incomes of 95 thousand dollars per year are the average with combined family incomes reaching over the 100 thousand dollar range. This is an increase from reports seen in the year 2000 that slated the average household income being slightly over 87 thousand dollars per year.


The local economy is filled with two main districts: 

Los Cerritos Shopping Center: Retail opportunities in the shopping center are available and bring in over 2 billion dollars in sales each year. Clothing, food and home decoration are major industries seen within the shopping center.

Cerritos Industrial Park: The industrial park provides opportunities for manufacturing, electronics and the car parts industry. Shipping companies, such as UPS are the main employer for the city with 1,700 residents working for the company. 

The city’s top employers include:

United Parcel Service


The local school district

Local Activities

Arts and culture are highly popular activities among the community and residents enjoy going to the:

Tournament of Roses Parade

Center for the Performing Arts


Sculpture Garden

Various parks are always spread out across the city and boast beautiful landscapes, flowers and activities for kids to engage in. Pat Nixon Park is amongst the most visited and was established in 1993 in honor of the first lady.

Cerritos is filled with great employment opportunities and a beautiful climate. Residents are affluent and help support the local economy by going to the local shopping center. Notable residents include Troy Aikman, Robby Gordon and Shane Mack.

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