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Burbank is a major city city in Los Angeles Country in Southern California. It is dubbed the Media Capital of the World due to its proximity to Hollywood and the many entertainment media companies that have their headquarters here. It is named after Dr. David Burbank, a dentist and entrepreneur originally from New Hampshire.  


Burbank lies 12 miles (19 kilometers) Northwest of the city of Los Angeles. It is situated along two distinct areas, with its Downtown along the slopes of the Verdugo Mountains to the Northeast and the rest in the flatlands of the San Fernando Valley to the west. 

The Golden State Highway runs through Burbank.


The city of Burbank occupies land that was originally part of two Spanish and Mexican-era colonial land grants, the Rancho San Rafael and Rancho Providencia. It was the sight of a battle that deposed the Spanish Governor of California to be replaced by the Mexican Leader Pio Pico.

Dr. David Burbank established himself in the area by purchasing portions of the former Verdugo and Providencia holdings and raising sheep and wheat during the time the San Fernando Valley became the largest wheat-producing area in Los Angeles county. He began to speculate heavily in land around the area and in Los Angeles. 

A group of speculators bought much of Dr. Burbank's land in 1886 for $250,000, after a severe drought. They established the Providencia Land, Water, and Development Company and developed the area as the town named "Burbank". It grew from a farming community through the establishment of cross-country railroads and tram lines  to Los Angeles and nearby factories.


In 2012 Burbank had a population of 104,391 with a median age of 38.9 years. Their median income was $64,147, which is higher than the California average. 

The population is broken down into Causiasian (72%), Hispanic (24%), Asian (11%), African-Americans (2%), and others (11%).

Facts and Attractions

Many companies have their headquarters or own studios and production buildings in Burbank, among them The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Nickelodeon. NBC had been a fixture of Burbank since the 1950s, but has been relocating its operations to Universal City to the South since its merger with Universal. It still maintain several major studios, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is still produced in Burbank.

Lockheed was famously headquartered in Burbank until its merger into Lockheed-Martin in 1996. The famed Skunkworks responsible for the research and development of stealth fighters is their Burbank facility. Burbank also holds the commercial Bob Hope Airport.  

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