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The Brentwood District of Los Angeles

Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, California. With only 33,000 residents, the neighborhood is one of the least densely populated in both Los Angeles city and county. There are approximately 2,059 people per square mile of the 15.22 square-mile suburb. The residents of the Brentwood neighborhood are highly educated with two public schools and seven private schools.

Brentwood History

Although many celebrities have called Brentwood home, the neighborhood had rather humble beginnings. This stretch of land was obtained by America through a Mexican land-grant. It was originally part of the Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica, which was sold in pieces by the Sepulveda family. In the 1880s, the 600 acre Pacific Branch of the National Home for Disabled Soldiers and Sailors was established and modern development soon followed. 

Geography and Climate

Brentwood is situated at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains with the San Diego Freeway to the east, Santa Monica city limits to the southwest, Mullholland Drive to the north and Topanga State Park to the west. This district has a temperate climate that is largely influenced by the nearby Pacific Ocean. 

Sub-districts and Things to Do

Large coral trees can be found along the median on San Vicente Boulevard and are considered Historic-Cultural Monument. The neighborhood also features a number of sub-districts, including:

Kenter Canyon

Brentwood Glen

Brentwood Circle

Mandeville Canyon

Crestwood Hills

The Barrington Recreation Center features two baseball diamonds, an indoor gym, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a football field, soccer field, tennis courts and volleyball courts. A playground area for children can also be found as well as picnic tables. The Barrington Dog Park is located on the recreation center grounds and encompasses 1.5 acres. 

Notable Events and Traditions

Brentwood has witnessed a few tragedies since its development. In 1961, the Brentwood-Bel Air fire burned 16,090 acres and destroyed more than 400 homes in the process. It took over 2,400 firefighters to fight the blazing fire who had to resort to utilizing water from local swimming pools to try and douse the flames.

Brentwood was also the scene of the famous O.J. Simpson incident in 1994 when Nicole Brown Simpson was stabbed to death in her home. O.J. was later acquitted of all charges.

Although the district has seen its fair share of grief, there are many local traditions that help to keep the community strong. During the holiday season, the coral trees along San Vicente Boulevard are decorated with holiday lights. Each year, a Maypole is erected on the Archer School for Girls lawn as a long standing tradition.

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