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Are you looking for Math Tutoring in Los Angeles or Math Tutoring in Valencia? If so, you've come to the right place. Tier One Tutors is a Valencia math tutoring company specializing in all subjects, K-12, as well as AP and SAT Prep.

Please Note: Free hour of tutoring does not include SAT Prep.  For information on SAT Tutoring in Valencia, please contact us.

The City of Valencia 

Valencia is located in the City of Santa Clarita. Part of Los Angeles County, the city is a rustling center for affluent people and boasts a medium income of $109,000 per year. Over 148,000 inhabitants call the city home and many well-known actors and actresses were born and are living inside of the city’s borders.

Landscaped boulevards are seen throughout the city and even in the industrial areas. This was a planned community that first saw attention in the 1960s. In fact, many of the city’s plans are still in development today. Meant to be a place for affluent members of society, the city’s residential areas are separated into their own respective villages. Each of these villages contain schools, shopping and activities within or near their respective borders.


Much like its Santa Clarita counterpart, this city boasts beautiful views of the mountains. Earthquakes are the biggest concern in the area as the city is located near the San Fernando fault zone. In 1994, the city was highly affected by the Northridge earthquake with most of the damage being seen in the town center and at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Nearby wildfires are a concern, but these are mainly seen in the surrounding areas and not within the city limits.


Those that do not work for themselves or in the entertainment industry will find that there are a plethora of jobs available in the surrounding area. The following employers are in or around the city:

Six Flags Magic Mountain 

Princess Cruises

Aerospace Dynamics

Market Tech Media

Employment rates have dropped to 6.3 percent as of February.

Notable Inhabitants

Many city visitors are seen traversing the roads hoping to catch a glimpse of celebrities that call the city home. Among the most notable names of residents are:

Ashley Tisdale

Taylor Lautner

Naya Rivera

Sasha Pieterse

Higher Education

Valencia is home to two major institutes for higher learning. The California Institute of the Arts and College of the Canyons. 

College of the Canyons: A two-year public community college. Over 17,000 students attend the college each year.

California Institute of the Arts: A private university known for its fine arts program. Over 1,400 students are enrolled each year and the school was founded by Walt Disney in the early 1960s.

Valencia is filled with beautiful roads, a great climate and is the perfect city for any student that wants to pursue a career in Fine Arts. Great employment rates and sectioned villages allows city residents to mingle amongst each other and enjoy lower crime rates.

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