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Trabuco Canyon SAT Tutoring


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Our SAT Tutoring program in Trabuco Canyon is hands down the most unique, comprehensive and personalized in Southern California and possibly in the country. One of the biggest reasons why our program is so different has to do with how and why the SAT Tutoring Program was written in the first place. What most parents don’t realize is that every large SAT Tutoring company hires writers to put their programs together. Are these writers even tutors? Are they qualified? Are they in touch with the students' needs? Not necessarily! Believe it or not, many SAT Tutors in Trabuco Canyon use courses that are put together by the larger companies and are not written from the perspective of an average student. They are just made to look attractive and cover details in the SAT test. Unfortunately that will not get the job done.

This is why Tier One Tutors was created, and is also why we've been so successful thus far. The SAT Tutoring program was put together over the period of a full year AFTER official practice tests for the new SAT were disseminated to the public. Unlike every other SAT Tutor in Trabuco Canyon who wrote programs before they even knew what exactly was going to be on the new test, we pushed the money aside and took the path of idealism.  This has finally paid off in our unbelievable and unique approach to the SAT!

The writers of our SAT Tutoring program are the two young, ambitious and dynamic owners of Tier One Tutors, Brian Mupo and Steven Dorfman. The two of them spent countless hours over the course of a full year writing and developing their new program. The reason they felt so confident that they could create something unique and different is because they went through the struggle on the SAT themselves before they mastered it. Both went through SAT Tutoring courses and spent a myriad of hours preparing on their own while in high school. After a long hard struggle both achieved their ideal scores. Upon entering college, they independently recognized that helping others to accomplish what they did was of the utmost importance.  Hence, Tier One Tutors was born serving all of Southern California, including Trabuco Canyon.

So, if you're looking for an SAT tutor in Trabuco Canyon, call Tier One Tutors today!

Trabuco Canyon

When looking for great communities in Orange County, California, you don’t have to look much further than Trabuco Canyon. This is a small unincorporated community that is located in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains. The borders that flank this community include Rancho Santa Margarita to the north and Plano Trabuco Road to the south.

Namesake Given

The name Trabuco Canyon has history and meaning that can be traced back in time. Trabuco is a Spanish word that has a meaning defined as a type of shotgun. This region was said to be given this unique name after a friar traveling in 1769 had his shotgun lost in the canyon. It is legend that this region was given its name then and it continued to be passed down over time. In 1846 a land grant was given to Don Juan and he used it to start the Rancho Trabuco.

Mining and Trabuco Canyon

This community has also gained recognition for the many attempts to mine that took place in the early 1900’s. There are many mining leftovers that still exist in Trabuco Canyon. There are still mining tunnels that exist on the sides of canyons in the area, but they have since been closed to ensure safety. Dams and stamp mills can still be seen which also elicits memories of the mining time period that existed in this community at one time.

Wildfire of 2007 in Trabuco Canyon

Wildfires are common in certain areas of California and this is no different for Trabuco Canyon. On October 21, 2007 a huge wildfire quickly spread and engulfed areas of Silverado Canyon and then engulfed areas of Trabuco Canyon. Due to the severity of the wildfire, the entire community of Trabuco Canyon was forced to evacuate and leave their homes to allow for optimal safety. This demand was given from the fire Department of Trabuco Canyon.

Popular Events in the Community

This community is also well-known for having 4th of July celebrations that really attract tourists. Each year the community has parades that include home-made floats and horses. These parades are designed to be old fashioned and help celebrate the rich culture of this region. Another prominent destination of this community is the Trabuco Oaks Steak House. This is a very popular restraint in the community and it gained world-wide recognition after an endorsement from President Nixon during his time of office.


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