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The Home of Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tarzana, Los Angeles

Tarzana is a great area in Los Angeles, California. This mostly residential area has an interesting history entwined with the film industry in a variety of ways. Here, we will look at the history of the area. We will also take a quick look of the population in the area right now. Lastly, we will give you the scoop on famous residents who have called Tarzana home, as well as the few appearances that the area has had in notable TV productions and more. 


Tarzana became part of the US after the Mexican-American War. In the early 1900s, Edgar Rice Burroughs purchased a large tract of land in the area. Believe it or not, despite the fact that Burroughs wrote the Tarzan novels, he actually took the name from the area itself. The beginning years of the area are a bit sad, as Burroughs tried to market his land as a suburban area where only whites could reside. Today, this notion, as well as the population makeup of the area, has greatly evolved. The area of the community is only around 9 square miles. 


Today, the population of Tarzana is still mostly white, but there are also Asians and African Americans who call the community home. The community also has a large number of veterans for the city. Surprisingly, many divorced people call this area of the city home, and it is not very densely populated for the city. Most residents are also older, with an average age of citizens being about 38. Perhaps this accounts for the high educational attainment for college degrees in the community, as well as the higher than most household income. It is thought that around 38,000 people call this area home. 

Appearances and Famous Residents

Quite a few famous people, besides Burroughs, have called this area home. This includes Michael Ray Bower, Jim Rome, Herbert Klynn, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, and Paul Rodriguez. Khloe Kardashian Odom also lives in the community with her partner. You may have seen the middle school of this community in productions like The Karate Kid, and Akeelah and The Bee. Six Feet Under and The Bad Girls Club have also done some filming in the area. Although not filmed in the area, Rocko’s Modern Life was also animated in Tarzana, yet another claim to fame for the small community. 

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