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Montebello is an Italian phrase meaning "beautiful mountain" and while this city lies deep within the San Gabriel Valley in California, you are certain to see many beautiful mountains on the horizon. Montebello is a Gateway City, which are a number of cities located in the Southern Californian region of Los Angeles County. Montebello spreads over into the Eat Los Angeles district as well as being primarily located in the San Gabriel Valley.


Like many of the Gateway Cities, Montebello's population sits just under 63,000. Life here was booming once as the area around the city was well known for producing oil. This made the area popular for employment and soon attracted many people to live in this city. But before the discovery of oil here the town was occupied by Spaniards that had settled all along the southern Californian valleys. Today in Montebello there are several monuments paying homage to the "rancho" days of when farms and cattle ranches were springing up during the 19th century.


Montebello's population began to grow in earnest just after the end of the Second World War. Prior to the war there was less than 7,000 living here but by 1960 there were over 32,000. Today that population has doubled with most of its current workforce employed in health and education. Kaiser Permanente is Montebello's largest employer with more than 4,500 employed within its various departments. 


Like many of the Gateway cities Montebello has large areas devoted to parkland and open space. The Grant Rea Park is a very popular place to come and relax at weekends where you will find a zoo, pony rides and plenty of things for all the family to engage in. The park even has a model train railway that tours around its borders. Bicknell Park is another wide open area of trees, grass and the location of a genocide memorial. 


Montebello City Park is the oldest park in the city and attracts teenagers and young persons who regularly skateboarding and BMX biking around its specially designed ramps and riding routes. 


The oldest structure left still standing in Montebello is the Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe, which was erected in 1845 and today can be found in the Sanchez Adobe Park. There is also an old golf course that is still popular today and considered to be one of the best golf courses in the region of southern California. 


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