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Our SAT Prep program in Lake Forest is hands down the most unique, comprehensive and personalized in Southern California and possibly in the country. One of the biggest reasons why our program is so different has to do with how and why The SAT Prep Program was written in the first place. What most parents don’t realize is that every large SAT Prep company hires writers to put their programs together. Are these writers even tutors? Are they qualified? Are they in touch with the students' needs? Not necessarily! Believe it or not many SAT Prep programs in Lake Forest that are put together by the larger companies are not written from the perspective of an average student, they are just made to look attractive and cover details in the SAT test. Unfortunately that will not get the job done.

This is why Tier One Tutors was created, and is also why we've been so successful thus far. The SAT Prep program was put together over the period of a full year AFTER official practice tests for the new SAT were disseminated to the public. Unlike every other company in Lake Forest who wrote programs before they even knew what exactly was going to be on the new test, we pushed the money aside and took the path of idealism.  This has finally paid off in our unbelievable and unique approach to the SAT!

The writers of the SAT Preparation program are the two young, ambitious and dynamic owners of Tier One Tutors, Brian Mupo and Steven Dorfman. The two of them spent countless hours over the course of a full year writing and developing their new program. The reason they felt so confident that they could create something unique and different is because they went through the struggle on the SAT themselves before they mastered it. Both went through SAT preparation courses and spent a myriad of hours preparing on their own while in high school. After a long hard struggle both achieved their ideal scores. Upon entering college, they independently recognized that helping others to accomplish what they did was of the utmost importance.  Hence, Tier One Tutors was born serving all of Southern California, including Lake Forest.

So, to get the absolute best SAT Prep in Lake Forest, call Tier One Tutors today!

For more information on our SAT Prep Method and Packages please call us or use our contact form above!

City of Lake Forest, California 

The City of Lake Forest in Orange County, California was formerly known as El Toro. It became a city on December 20, 1991 and has since expanded its territory to include the Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch communities. This move brought in new commercial and residential centers all throughout the 1990s. The City of Lake Forest is considered as one of the country's safest cities by various research firms. According to the 2010 census, its current population stands at 77,264.



The city got its name because of its two lakes, which are both man-made. The shores are lined with custom homes and condominiums. The "Forest" of the City of Lake Forest pertains to the one found within the city, which consists mainly of Eucalyptus trees. In the early 1900s, Dwight Whining, a local landowner, planted Eucalyptus groves across 400 acres of land as part of a lumber operation. A residential community was later developed in the late 1960s in and around the groves by the Occidental Petroleum company. Since then, further developments and expansions have taken place in the area.



The El Toro High School is the only high school in the city. It was opened in 1973 and is one of the best schools in Southern California. The city is served by the Orange County Public Library (two libraries). The city is probably best known for the Saddleback Church, an evangelical Christian "mega church" founded by pastor and author Rick Warren.


Other establishments in the city include the Sun and Sail Club and Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club, featuring gyms, volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, club houses, barbecue pits, saunas and hot tubs. The City of Lake Forest houses two county parks, as well - the Whiting Ranch and Heritage Hill Historical Park. The former is found in the city's eastern parts and the latter is home to the county's oldest landmarks, including the old El Toro School House, the Serrano Adobe and St. Georges Episcopal Church. The city also houses the largest public skate park, the Etnies Skate park, amounting to over 40,000 square feet.



Among the notable companies that offer jobs and careers in the city are the following:

- Oakley, Inc (eyewear manufacturer)

- Kaiser Aluminum (metals company)

- Panasonic Avionics (in-flight entertainment provider)

- Karem Aircraft (unmanned aerial vehicle developer for major aircraft companies)

- Greenlight Wireless Corp. (telecommunications software developer)

- Barbeques Galore (retailer)

- Del Taco and Johnny Rockets (restaurant chains)

- Apria Healthcare (medical equipment manufacturer)

- Etnies, Tilly's, and Sole Technology (skateboarding companies)

- Eagle Community Credit Union (Orange County credit union)

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