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Buena Park is a city in Orange County, in the state of California, located approximately 12 miles  Northwest of Santa Ana, the seat of the county. The city marks itself as the center of Southland and it boasts of a number of tourist attractions, among them the Knott's Berry Farm. The city is within the metropolitan area of Los Angeles.



The City of Buena Park was founded by James A. Whitaker in 1855 together with the then railway development, currently the Orange County. The exact origin of the name not known but one of the theories is that Whitaker used the name of a suburb in Chicago to derive city's name. Another theory is that the local settlers referred to the city's area as "Plaza Buena", Spanish meaning of "good park", due to its park; grounds that were once located at the intersection of the now Beach Boulevard and Artesia Boulevard. On the 27th of January 1953, the city was incorporated and now it is a primary commercial hub and residential suburb.


Geography and demography

According to the Census Bureau, the city's total area is 10.6 square miles, out of which 0.03 square miles are water and 10.5 square miles are land. At the top of the list of the things that the city's residents are proud of is the Buena Park, which is considered the Southland's center. As of the year 2010, the city had a total population of 80,350. The racial composition was 45.3% Whites, 26.7% Asians, 3.8% African American, 1.1% Native Americans, 0.6% Pacific Islanders, 5.1% mixed races and 17.5% from other races.


Tourist attractions

The city of Buena Park has several tourist attractions with the most famous ones being: the Knott's Berry Farm, the Medieval Times at Buena Park, the Pirates Dinner Adventure, the Body Exhibit, Knott's Soak City, Howie's Game Shack, California Welcome Center, Titanic the Experience and the Buena Park Historical Society.


City’s transportation


The main commercial artery of the city is Beach Boulevard, the State Route 39 that runs from North to South and connects the civic center of the city, the Buena Park Downtown and the E-Zone entertainment district. The Interstate 5 and the California State Route 91 interlaces the city connecting it with other cities to the North, South, East and West. Many people rely on their cars but there is public transport, mainly buses provided by the Transportation Authority of Orange County. The closest airport is the Fullerton Municipal Airport but Long Beach Airport is the nearest offering commercial services. The city also has railroad tracks with the service provided by BNSF and Union Pacific.


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