Utilizing the most innovative programming and accomplished tutors,
Tier One prepares your child for the SAT, ACT, AP’s and all classes K-12.

Customized, in-home SAT, ACT and school tutoring

Established in 2004, Tier One Tutors is one of the leaders in private tutoring and test preparation across Southern California. We have partnered with nearly 100 local schools and have taught and tutored over 10,000 students. With a large team of professional and personable expert tutors, we provide private and customized tutoring in your home for maximum effectiveness and convenience.

Inoovative SAT/ACT Tutoring Programs

Your child doesn’t need more memorization or more homework to improve their score. Our private SAT/ACT tutoring utilizes simple and intuitive strategies that will help raise your child’s score – and confidence.

Meet the Tutors

With our advanced hiring matrix system we are able to interview and meet hundreds of applicants. Because we are so determined to have the best staff to help your child, we hire less than 5% of all applicants who apply.

Private, in-Home K-T2 Tutoring

Having a child struggle in school can be very overwhelming. That’s why Tier One offers specialized tutoring programs to help your child get the customized help they need in any subject K-12th grade!

Trusted by the industry

Tier One has been named by CBS in the “Best of LA Los Angeles Tutoring Services” category. Furthermore, we were nominated for and awarded the prestigious Accreditation Program Seal from the Better Business Bureau for our outstanding results and customer service record over the last 10 years.

Tier One is also a respected member of numerous professional organizations including NACAC, IECA and HECA which are national organizations for reputable college admissions professionals. 

Academics Decoded is a popular blog hosted by Tier One which gives tips and strategies for success in school, SAT, ACT and college admissions. The main contributor is renowned author, lecturer and test prep expert Steve Dorfman. There are  also regular posts from guest writers who are private college admissions professionals, teachers and even former admissions officers from top universities.

  • The 3 Biggest Misconceptions About the SAT vs the ACT

    Now that the ACT has taken over the SAT as the most popular college entrance exam in America, parents and students find themselves asking the question of which exam should they take; the ACT or the SAT. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation that is floating around the internet and study halls nationwide and it has led to three major misconceptions about the exams. Misconception #1: The ACT is a better test for kids that are good students but bad test takers. The ACT is known as an academic achievement test and the SAT is known for being more of a reasoning test. That has led many to think that if their child is a good student but not a clever tester, then the ACT is the best test for them. For better or worse, this theory does not hold water. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of .. Read More

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